Derryvale Dairy, Australia


Derryvale Dairy in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia has been in Bruce Glasgow’s family for 120 years. Originally owned by his great-grandparents, the farm has been
managed by Bruce since 2008. The mixed Holstein and Jersey herd is milked twice a day.


“It felt like we had an increased empty rate, possibly because the labourers aren’t so skilled at heat detection or identifying the individual cows – they don’t know the cows as well as I do.”

“In August, because we had so many more calves, we were 1,200 litres up per day over the same time the previous year. Percentage wise, that’s nearly 20%.”
Bruce Glasgow, Owner


Allflex Heatime® HR System with HR LD tags for real-time heat detection, health monitoring and identification.


Whilst the Allflex system is always working, Bruce uses it most during the 12- week joining period from October through to January, when he checks the Heat Report daily, and joins cows accordingly.

Looking forward, Bruce is hoping for additional benefits from Heatime. “We try to match our peak milk production with our peak grass production. So if we can get more cows going into peak production at the same time we have the most grass, we can get more milk cheaper.”