NLIS Cattle Tags

Australia’s Favourite Tags,¹

Trusted to identify more Australian cattle than any other tag.

Allflex Electronic Identification (RFID) cattle tags are National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) accredited and are used as a breeder and post breeder device, to identify cattle of all ages and types within Australia.

Features and benefits

  • Fast, Easy Application with three applicator styles available to suit your preference.
  • Reliable Readability, the long-read distance works in a variety of cattle handling systems throughout the supply chain from farm to abattoir.
  • Excellent Retention, designed for durability.
  • Independently lab tested and verified
  • Australia’s #1 NLIS Cattle Tag¹
  • NLIS accredited.


30mm in diameter


The Allflex RFID cattle tag can be applied with UltraMaticUniversal or Identiplier applicators. For application instructions including tag positioning, please download our instruction brochure or contact us.

Marking requirements

Externally marked with a 16 character NLIS Number:

  • ABCD2345 – PIC (Property ID Code)
  • X – NLIS Code to identify Allflex as the manufacturer
  • B – NLIS Code to indicate device type (B = Breeder and E = Post Breeder)
  • G – Year of manufacture code as well as BREEDPLAN year code
  • Year codes ‘O’ or ‘I’ are not used
  • 00001 – Unique Management Number. The producer can specify this number sequence; first character can be alpha or numeric, numbers cannot be repeated within a calendar year.

Product Code

Female component – state specific. Please contact us for details. Male component (White): ET-001-202. Male component (Orange): ET-001-202.


For more information or to order please visit your local store or distributor or contact us for details on the store closest to you.

Colour Requirements

Breeder tags (white) must be attached by the breeder before the animal leaves its property of birth. Post-Breeder tags (orange) are attached to cattle that are no longer on the breeder’s property and are not identified with a breeder device.

¹Based on NLIS 2021 market share data

This color representation may vary in real products