FlexiTagger Applicator

The Allflex FlexiTagger is a single-shot manual applicator that is used to apply Allflex Flexitags easily reloaded in seconds. It is used to apply Allflex FlexiTags (available in strips of 25) to sheep and goats of all ages. Suitable for use in all tagging situations including both marking cradle and race.

If you prefer a  multi-shot applicator, please use the Allflex FlexiMatic applicator.


  • Produced from specialised materials for durability
  • The grip is designed to ease hand fatigue from repeated use
  • Quick and simple application


For application instructions, including tag positioning, please download our instruction brochure under the applicator’s webpage or contact us.


For more information or to order please visit your local store or distributor or contact us for details on the store closest to you.

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