Brass and Nickel Tags

Allflex Brass and Nickel tags are simple identification option for managing livestock identification. These tags are versatile and used on many different types of livestock. Often used as a birth tag which is later correlated with visual and RFID tags using the same number range. 

Features and benefits 

  • Stamping is available on all three sides of the tag – 6 characters for the number range, 15 characters for the text and 4 characters for the year. 
  • Quick and simple application, punches and crimps in one easy action. 
  • The applicator spring holds the tag in place so it won’t drop out. 


19mm x 23mm x 13mm. 


The Allflex Brass and Nickel tags are applied using the Allflex One Shot Security Tag applicator. For application instructions including tag positioning, please download our instruction brochure or contact us. For more information or to order please visit your local rural merchant store or contact us for information on the store closest to you. 

Product codes

Brass tag: 00758 
Nickel plated tag: 00782 


For more information or to order please visit your local store or distributor or contact us for details on the store closest to you.

Nickel Plated
*This color representation may vary in real products

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