AgVic Matched Management Sets

From April 1, 2021, the option to order matched management tags on the Agriculture
Victoria website will no longer be available. If Victorian producers would still like to
have an Allflex matched management option on farm, there are a few steps to take to
facilitate this.

Producer (farmer) – When the producer places their NLIS Electronic Cattle Tag order with Agriculture Victoria, they will need to select ‘yes’ when asked if they would like their order as a Trayed Matched Management Set.

The producer will be contacted by a representative from Allflex, who will step them through the requirements to place an order with a Rural Reseller for their visual tags (these will come trayed with the NLIS Tags ordered via Agriculture Victoria).

Rural Retailer – When placing an order on behalf of a Producer, the Rural Retailer
will need to clearly state that the Visual Management Tags are to be part of a
matched management set for a Victorian producer who has recently purchased their
NLIS tags through Agriculture Victoria. This will allow Allflex to liaise with the Rural
Retailer and provide the relevant number series to be printed on the Visual
Management Tags so that they correspond with the NLIS Electronic Cattle Tags. To
do this Allflex will require the Rural Retailer to provide the producers PIC.

For more information please contact our friendly Customer Service Team – 1300 138 247