River Ridge Dairies, Australia


Ray DeVere and his wife Catherine run River Ridge Dairies on the Sunshine Coast with their two kids. They milk a mixed herd of around 200 Jersey and Brown Swiss cows daily,
producing about 1.2 million litres annually.


To improve conception rates and gain peace of mind, Ray started looking into an electronic monitoring program in 2017

“and the timing of insemination is accurate. Therefore, we’re achieving better conception rates with sexed semen, making it a viable option.”

Ray DeVere, Co-Owner


Allflex SenseHub® with cSense Flex neck tags and “Premium” application plan.


Since installing SenseHub, Ray has noted a huge increase in heat detection accuracy. “We achieve far more accurate heat detection with far less effort,” he says, “So that’s a big win for us on farm.”

“SenseHub’s certainly been a game-changer on our farm. I’d definitely recommend the SenseHub system to other farmers, especially if they’re aware that their reproduction or health in the herd isn’t up to date. The SenseHub system will certainly revolutionise and I suppose open the farmer’s eyes as to how their cattle should actually be managed.”