Gear’s Dairy, Australia


Barbara Gear and her husband Rob own and operate Gear Dairy in Gympie, Queensland, where they milk around 450-500 cows daily.


Barbara needed a way to reduce her
workload trying to find bulling cows, and have less stress trying to look over the herd every day.

“When SenseHub™ tings on my phone, I just open the app, see what cows are bulling, how many days in milk and if they’re right to be inseminated. Then, that afternoon we can collect those bulling cows, and at the right time, AI them.”

Barbara Gear, Co-Owner


Allflex SenseHub™ with eSense Flex Ear tags and “Advanced” application plan.


Barbara has gained tremendous peace of mind since implementing Allflex SenseHub – eliminating guesswork and significantly lightening her workload.

As for bottom line results, Gear’s Dairy has already seen a significant increase in the detection of heat and bulling cows, particularly in terms of cows that weren’t visibly showing signs of heat. This in turn has improved conception rates considerably. So much so, that according to Barbara, “We got most of our girls in calf through the system.”