Caveview Farm, Allendale East, SA Australia

Caveview Farm, owned by Brendan and Amanda Ashby, with Brendan’s parents, Trevor and Anne, was established in Allendale East, in South Australia, in the mid-1900s by Brendan’s grandparents. Today, the farm milks 350 cows and carries 250 heifers on 794 acres of land.

“Getting cows in calf is a really big issue, so I say, just put the Heatime System in, because it’s going to pay for itself in 2-3 years, by taking out all the guessing factors.”

Brendan Ashby, Co-Owner


Effectively picking up heats and health issues, without too many false positives, is a constant challenge. According to Brendan, one of his biggest issues has been getting cows back into calf as quickly as possible after calving.


ASCR Heatime HR LD Pro System


Overall, Brendan and his family now enjoy true peace-of-mind, as they no longer have to question what’s going on with their cows. As Brendan says: “You just see it in the reports.”

At a Glance

  • Company: Caveview Farm
  • Location: Allendale East, South Australia, Australia
  • Herd Size: 350 milking cows and 250 heifers


Brendan has found that the SCR Heatime System does an excellent job of picking up heats and health issues, with few false positives. Importantly, when there are false positives, such as when cows move around more than usual, the system accounts for the false readings and easily interprets them. With the SCR technology, Brendan has a better idea of each cow’s readiness for AI, and is better able to defne the mating time.

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